Housing Services

Project Hospitality is proud to have been able to offer a housing continuum for our Persons Living with HIV/AIDS clients for over 21 years that includes the provision of emergency, transitional and permanent housing. Our agency continues to successfully place clients into permanent housing and follows-up with them to assure their housing stability.  Our wrap around, continuum of care provisions offers our clients intensive social services, independent living skills training, and extensive supportive services that help to ensure residential stability and improved life circumstances.

Carpenter Househousing

A 30 beds congregate transitional residence, housing homeless singles who have multiple diagnoses and have been living in places not meant for human habitation for extended periods of time.  It provides a broad array of services including food and shelter, case management, entitlements advocacy, medical care, psychiatric care, vocational assessment and rehabilitation, recreation, individual and group work counseling, housing placement, and aftercare services.

Hospitality House

The only tier II homeless shelter for families in the borough, which is operated and managed by our agency, providing a full range of social services.  Families receive case management, shelter, food assistance with unit management, group work, legal advocacy, trauma related care for recovery from domestic violence, health and mental health referrals, and housing facilitation.  This program serves up to 75 heads of household and their children in an operating year.  We have units for 46 male and female heads of household or couples and 105 children at any given time.

O’Callaghan House

A transitional, NYS Office of Mental Health licensed treatment congregate community residence serving homeless men and women who are seriously and persistently mentally ill and chemically addicted.  Some are also triply diagnosed and living with HIV/AIDS.  It offers on-site psychiatry, relapse prevention and harm reduction training, case management, socialization, shelter, food, daily living skills and independent living skills, training, nursing services, and coordination of health and day treatment programming including outpatient chemical dependency treatment.  This facility provides 23 units of housing for homeless men and women for up to twenty-four months.

The O’Connor House Residence

An emergency transitional congregate site for chronically homeless persons living with HIV/AIDS who need intensive services to prepare them for more independent living.  Persons served generally have multiple diagnoses and are linked with the full continuum of agency services to stabilize their conditions and prevent a recurrence of homelessness.  This site currently provides 15 beds to clients.