Programs and Services

Project Hospitality provides services in a comprehensive continuum of compassionate care that begins with the provision of food, clothing, and shelter and extends to other services which include health care, mental health, housing, family services, chemical dependence treatment, HIV care, health education, vocational training, and legal assistance.

The programs and services of Project Hospitality are delivered through 5 Area Divisions - HIV/AIDS Services, Adult Services, Family Services, Rehabilitation and Recovery, and Housing Services.

For information about our programs, please select from the links below:

HIV/AIDS Services
Housing & Shelter Services
Mental Health, Chemical Dependency, and Vocational Services
Family Services
Food and Nutrition Services
Community Outreach


I thank God and people too — my family, friends, and support group. Project Hospitality has been great to me. They helped me when no one else would. They helped me when I couldn't help myself.