Donate Holiday Supplies

The holiday seasons of the year can be difficult for families that are just making ends meet on a daily basis. Because of generous seasonal holiday donations from friends of Project Hospitality, the children, men, and women in our housing and other programs are able to celebrate holidays along with everyone else in the community.

Please call  Deacon Paul Kosinski at (718) 448-1544, ext. 134, or e-mail him at  if you can help with any of the following holiday needs:

•    Halloween
 – Costumes, decorations, treats (especially, healthy treats), and pumpkins

•    Thanksgiving – 
Turkeys and all the other food items needed for a holiday feast

•    Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/3 Kings 
- Gifts are needed for men, women, and children. Most needed, and often the hardest to get, are items for adults, such as caps, gloves, scarves, sweaters, flannel shirts, thermal underwear, and other clothing. Of course, gifts are also needed for children; in addition to toys, gifts such as books, arts and crafts kits, and clothing are appropriate. Gifts should be new and unwrapped.

•    Easter/Passover – 
Treats (healthy treats preferred), baskets, and basket grass.

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