Dine Out Against Hunger Is Happening Thursday, April 27th 2017


This an all-day event where participating restaurants on Staten Island donate 20% of their sales (just food, no alcohol) for the day to Project Hospitality. Project Hospitality in turn utilizes these donated funds to work towards its mission of making sure that no Staten Islander goes hungry, and that those in need have basic human necessities to live.

Just imagine a normal Thursday night going out to eat, except the participating restaurant donates 20% of whatever your bill total is to Project Hospitality so we can help those in need. All you have to do to help is enjoy your meal!

Click the icon in the top-left corner of the map to view a list of restaurants coordinated by zip code, or simply zoom in and click on an icon where you want to go! Also, be sure to check out Dine Out Against Hunger’s official website! Click the Restaurants tab on the website to see a full list of participating restaurants.








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